Sheffield builders’ yard facing closure

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A builder’s yard in a Sheffield suburb could be ordered to close after complaints from neighbours.

The owner of the site, containing an office and store, off Baslow Road, Totley, has applied to Sheffield Council for legal permission to continue his business.

If he can show the site has already been operating for more than 10 years then the council must grant it permission to continue – and cannot take enforcement action to close it down, despite more than 100 residents complaining.

However, a report to members of the council’s planning board, ahead of a meeting next week says that, although there was activity there as part of a building project in 2001, there is insufficient evidence the yard has been in continuous use since then.

And the planning officers behind the report are recommending the application is rejected and enforcement action taken.

A petition with 109 signatures has been submitted opposing the application, along with individual letters.

Residents argue heavy vehicles using the yard destroy the atmosphere of a tranquil area, access to the site is inadequate and it is an eyesore.

And they say work there causes traffic and noise pollution and results in large vehicles being parked on neighbours’ property.

If the application to legalise the yard is refused, action to shut it down is recommended due to the potential for an unreasonable noise and disturbance.

A similar application nearby to turn a garage into a home was refused in 2011.