Sheffield brewery creates city’s first ever lager

Sheffield brewert Stancill have created Sheffield's own lager
Sheffield brewert Stancill have created Sheffield's own lager
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A Sheffield brewery has designed and developed Stancill Lager, the first craft lager to be produced in the city.

Although Sheffield is home to more than 25 breweries, Stancill Brewery is the only one with the specialist equipment needed to brew and filter lager.

And the drink is already tickling the taste buds of the city’s lager connoisseurs, after going on sale at The Horse and Jockey, on Wadsley Lane.

Thomas Gill, managing director of Stancill Brewery, said: “Many brewers tend to avoid producing lagers because they require specialist filtering equipment which can be expensive to purchase, and without experience it can be difficult to produce. We inherited some equipment suitable for producing lager from Oakwell Brewery but we put it to one side and decided to concentrate upon developing our own core range of beers. We just couldn’t forget about the equipment though, and kept looking at it wondering what we could produce with it!

“Last year we decided to take the plunge and brew our own pilsner – the beer was very well received, and we started to receive enquiries from publicans and lager drinkers about creating our own lager. We went back to the drawing board and decided to create a brand new recipe, designed to appeal to the tastes of the city’s lager drinkers. So far it’s created a lot of interest and I hope that when it starts appearing in pubs and bars across the city, drinkers will give it a try!”

Stancill Brewery was formed in 2013 by friends Thomas Gill and Dr Adam Hague after learning of the closure of Barnsley’s Oakwell Brewery. The pair secured the assets of the brewery, relocating production from Barnsley to Sheffield.