Sheffield boxing video: The new era here starts here for Kell Brook

Two and a half thousand miles away from Sheffield, a new chapter in the Kell Brook story is starting to be written

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 4th January 2018, 9:08 am
Updated Thursday, 4th January 2018, 9:15 am
Amer Khan and Kell Brook posters at the Ingle gym
Amer Khan and Kell Brook posters at the Ingle gym

The former IBF world welterweight champion is back in training camp for his light middleweight debut against Siarhei Rabchanka, at Sheffield Arena on Saturday, March 3.

Brook is under the watchful eye of trainer Dominic Ingle - the pair must qualify for some fair old air miles after recently returning from watching gym-mate Billy Joe Saunders defend his title in Canada,

Also in the camp, at the Ingle gym on the island of Fuerteventura, is Kid Galahad, new Irish addition Jason Quigley and prospects Dan Cooper and Atif Shafiq.

Amer Khan, an assistant trainer helping hold the fort back in Wincobank, says important strides are being made to make Brook a powerhouse at 11 stone.

"They are training hard and having fun" he said.

Kell is "already on it. When he was in Canada, Greg Marriott (nutritionist) was feeding him, Dominic was training him, I was doing a bit with him and he is on form, he is hungry.

Amer Khan and Kell Brook posters at the Ingle gym

"It whetted everybody's appetite how he (Saunders) did it. The three weeks in Canada were absolutely brilliant.

"It was masterminded by Dominic...the training was very constructed and it was hard work."

Khan believes the shift to light middle will suit Brook as it was closer to his natural weight

"Kell has a very strong, robust body and can just take the hammering and the training.


"He was strong at middleweight, (but) light middle is where he needs to be, I think."

Brook will be under pressure to perform well as "all eyes will be on him" in his pursuit of a second world title.

Khan had sparred with him recently and it was like "I'd nicked his last fiver or something" said Khan.

"He will be stronger at the weight.

Amer Khan and Kell Brook posters at the Ingle gym

"When you squeeze him down to that kind of weight (welter) it kills you.

"His punch resistance will be better.

"I think he will be overall more healthy and happier."

Meanwhile Galahad is destined for stardom soon, insists Khan.

"2018 will be his year, I guarantee you.

"He is in the gym every daym 2-3 times a day, his time is ready - he is prepared for anybody."


He said Galahad was putting himself into a mandatory position so opponent won't have an option but to face him.