Sheffield boxing: Strewth Cobber, you're in for a shock

Chris Smedley says the Australian boxing public is suddenly getting edgy about Liam Cameron.

Thursday, 24th November 2016, 11:06 am
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 09:30 am
liam cameron, left, faces off with Zac Dunn

The Sheffield fighter has been rank underdog at the bookies to get past Melbourne’s unbeaten Zac Dunn, as the pair compete for the vacant Commonwealth super middleweight title.

But Cameron’s public work-outs and appearances Down Under have started to create a bit of uneasiness amongst the home ranks.

Trainer Smedley said: “After being in Melbourne a week the mood among the boxing people seemed to change. With a few spies watching Liam train and do pads in the numerous gyms we have been in, they now know they have got a mountain to climb to get past him.

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“They were shocked with his size, movement, hand-speed and power, knowing Dunn as only been boxing hand-picked opponents. One Aussie admitted Team Dunn are in for a big surprise.”

Smedley said Dunn’s manager Barry Michael, a former super featherweight IBF champion, had dubbed Cameron the “cocky Pommy.”

Smedley said: “Anybody who knows Liam would accept that he doesn’t know how to be cocky; he’s just not like that.

“But calling us ‘Pommy this’ and ‘Pommy that’ makes you smile knowing Barry was born in England himself. He’s making himself look a little silly. Liam is fully focused and has a massive task but he knows he can do a number on Dunn.

“The jab will win Liam this fight it will be the key factor and is Liam’s best tool.”

Dunn is confident he will prevail.

“I’m ready. I’m prepared” he said. “I’ve boxed around the world and had some first-class sparring partners to tune me up.”

Meanwhile, back in Blighty, Sheffield’s Sam Sheedy is fully prepared for his battle with Tommy Langford for the British middleweight title.

Sheedy has clearly rankled his opponent by saying Langford had been carefully groomed by his promoters and had not been in with quality opponents.

Langford described some of Sheedy’s remarks as laughable.

“I have seen a few of them and I think they are quite comical. He contradicts himself from one thing to another. So there is no pattern in what he is saying, plus you can poke holes in everything he is saying about me. I ain’t bothered”

He said Sheedy would find out why “I am undefeated and where I am at. And I will remind him of that after the fight.”

Langford is not taking anything for granted, however.

“He is a good boxer, he is slippery and awkward, unpredictable. Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what he does. I have been performing in the gym I know exactly what I have got to do.

“I deliver that on the night and I am British champion and my arm is being raised. “If I get my tactics right I win well” he told BoxNation TV.