Sheffield boxing hero Herol '˜Bomber' Graham visited by Glyn Rhodes and Naseem Hamed in mental health unit

Boxing legend Herol '˜Bomber' Graham is still being detained at a mental health institute and his future remains uncertain, says a friend of 40 years.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 04 February, 2018, 12:47
Graham, in happier times

Sheffield trainer Glyn Rhodes visited Graham this weekend - following in the footsteps of an earlier visit by former world champion Naseem Hamed.

Last month, The Star revealed 58-year-old Graham, who has had suicidal tendencies, had been detained against his will after going missing in London.

With his partner Karen suffering from cancer, he was detained at St Ann’s mental health unit in the capital, where Rhodes and boxing buddy Barry Pinder visited him.

Rhodes said it was difficult to sum up his feelings after the visit.

“It is a very sad situation. I had been warned what to expect and it is a bit of a scary place with bars on the windows.

“But he has put some weight on and it was good to see him.

Bomber Graham, pictured yesterday

“He communicated well and we had a nice chat about the good old days, when we were kids at Brendan Ingle’s gym.

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“But was it all a front? I don’t know.

“The frustrating thing is: What can you to help someone in his situation, with mental health issues? If he wasn’t there, where would he go?

“He says he was detained because he went out for a walk for three hours and got locked up, but he is obviously very troubled.

Bomber Graham, pictured yesterday

“I came away feeling happier that we’d talked, especially as he was laughing and occasionally back to his usual self.

“But it left me thinking how fortunate people are, that aren’t in that situation.”

The father of six, formerly of Abbeydale, has a home in Muswell Hill, in the London Borough of Haringey, but the property is believed to belong to Karen, said Rhodes.

She is fighting stage three bladder cancer.