Sheffield boxing '˜coma victim' upset over former rival's ring return

Jerome Wilson - who emerged from a coma after suffering brain injuries in a fight with Serge Ambomo in 2014 - is amazed at the governing body's decision to allow the African back in the ring without him paying the majority of a fine imposed for his misconduct on the night.

Wednesday, 7th September 2016, 4:20 pm
Injured boxer Jerome Wilson

Ambomo, who had been suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control, returned to action last weekend at Doncaster Dome after striking a deal to pay his £3,000 fine back in instalments from future purses.

Sheffield family man Wilson, 31, says he was not consulted or informed about the situation. “I was under the impression that if you are issued with a fine, you must then pay it off before being allowed to participate in another fight under the jurisdiction of the BBBC. So this was news to me” he said.

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“The BBBC and Ambomo have come to a mutual agreement over paying his outstanding fine gradually it seems, after the misconduct and outrageous disrespect shown to a fellow boxer. While I laid lifeless on the canvas he knelt down to the floor to kiss my forehead, then later standing up to greet the crowd with a cut-throat gesture for all for my frightened family, friends and boxing fans to witness. When I was made aware of this I was disgusted by his actions.

“I have no hard feelings over the brain injury I sustained from the fight, as I know this can happen to any fighter” said the former welterweight. “And I wouldn’t want Ambomo’s boxing career to be over based on his ghoulish actions. But I do believe he should have paid his fine before stepping back into the ring, as that is what was required of him to do.

“It doesn’t matter what I think as the BBBC has failed to inform me of the actions they deemed fit to carry out. I’ve been kept out of the loop.”

Wilson said he “never really had any feelings towards Serge in the first place. He was my opponent, we fought each other twice, the first a very entertaining fight which I’d like to think we gained mutual respect, the second I have no memory of. I hope he goes on to carve out a good fighting career. I trust and hope he would never disrespect another fighter again”

Jerome Wilson v Serge Ambomo 12/09/14

Ambomo, a 30-year-old former Cameroonian Olympian who was granted asylum and now lives in Rotherham, outpointed Edvinas Puplauskas in his first fight since this ban was lifted. Wilson says he’s “not in the greatest state of health at the moment. The brain injury not only effected my life directly but has also had a profound effect on my partner and children. My brain injury that will effect our lives forever.

“I have short term memory issues, various cognitive impairments, fatigue, and I’m in constant pain each day. I get on with life as best as I can. It has been far from easy, I’ve been through many dark times but it’s made me stronger. I attend weekly rehabilitation treatment all aimed to help me adjust to my new life.”

Ambomo is being handled now by Doncaster’s Stefy Bull, who believes the boxer deserves a second chance in the sport.

Bull told The Star, recently: “I strongly believe everybody needs a second chance. Serge will have to pay 50% of his purse to them until he has paid off the full amount.”

Jerome Wilson on the canvas - before being stretchered to hospital

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Jerome Wilson v Serge Ambomo 12/09/14
Jerome Wilson on the canvas - before being stretchered to hospital