Sheffield boxing: car crash victim back in ring tonight

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A brush with death made Nadeem Siddique look at life a different way.

The Sheffield boxer and his wife Suzanne escaped with their lives after an M1 car crash 18 months ago.

Nadeem Siddique

Nadeem Siddique

Siddique, who had retired five years ago, this month, decided to get back into the ring.

That long, gruelling journey reaches a milestone tonight, when he fights Hungarian light welterweight Alexander Farkasin, on a Dave Coldwell show in Manchester.

Siddique said: “The car accident was quite bad, we are lucky to be here. It was middle of the night, 70mph, we hit some black ice, straight into the barriers.

“Luckily there was no traffic. God forbid if there’d been a lorry or anything else.

“We hit the barrier ‘did a 360’ right round, off the hard shoulder, down a ditch.”

Siddique re-injured an already problematic back - yet still started thinking about a return to the ring. “I don’t want to look back with regrets and be an under-achiever.

“I want to be part of that Ingle history. When Brendan (Ingle) writes his book I want to be mentioned in there.”

The 36-year-old, who has been sparring with Kell Brook in Fuerteventura, has three fights lined up.

“The opportunity is there for me. It is down to me whether I take them and become a champion.”

He said: “I have always succeeded in life, everything I have ever done, I have succeeded.

“It is not like I needed boxing, or I am coming back because I have got nowhere else to go. I am coming back because I want to come back.”

The Wincobank fighter is backed by his wife, whom he met in the ring - when she was a ring-card girl.

“She is behind me 100 per cent. She wanted me to become a champion.

“I like having goals and targets. I like the training and the making weight, it gives structure to my life.”

Siddique also has an eye on putting right his last two matches - defeats in 2009 to Tom Glover and Martin Gethin. He has floated the idea of re-matches against the pair.