Sheffield boxer will quit if he loses title fight

Liam Cameron against George BeroshviliLiam Cameron against George Beroshvili
Liam Cameron against George Beroshvili
Liam Cameron says he will quit boxing if he loses his English title shot on April 2.

The Sheffield super-middleweight says he is in peak physical and mental condition for the showdown with current champion Jahmaine Smyle.

“If I cannot beat Smyle - and I am not taking anything away from a worthy champion - after the way I have trained and prepared, then there will be no fights at the top level for me. I want to be at the top and if I can’t have that I will jack it and pick up a trowel instead.

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“I am not putting pressure on myself by saying that, it’s just something that would have to be done. But I dedicate my life to boxing and am more confident of winning than ever before and I hope the Sheffield public turn up to watch a Sheffield lad win the English title. The belt is important to me - I have put a lot into boxing and want something out of it.”

Cameron, 25, meet Smyle, at the Magna Centre, the venue of his knock out win over Giorgi Beroshvili last October. Six months earlier, Cameron lost to Luke Blackledge in a Commonwealth title fight in Blackburn. “That was a massive learning curve” he said. No excuses, but I’d say I over-trained for the fight, I was killing myself.

“I left everything in the gym - so much so that a brawler was beating me, a boxer, to the jab.

“Now I have learned to listen to my body, I have my own say in training and if I’m tired I’ll take my foot off the gas, and then go for it the next day.”

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Cameron, who has been sounded out about sparring with three-time middleweight world title challenger Matthew Macklin, enjoys a good mix of styles from his two trainers. “Steve Barnes works on my strength with new is brutal. We have a sledge in the gym loaded with weights and you feel as if your legs are dead by the time you have pushed it to the end of the gym.

“Chris Smedley does fast pads with me and sees a lot of things in sparring which we talk about, he focuses on tactics and speed. It has all gone really well and I cannot wait for April 2.”