Sheffield boxer ‘The Inferno’ injured after car involved in crash with bus

Boxer Richard Towers has had his shoulder and car door damaged after a bus hit his car door
Boxer Richard Towers has had his shoulder and car door damaged after a bus hit his car door
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A stunned Sheffield boxer suffered injuries to his right arm when a bus drove into his car door.

The First 76 bus had stopped behind heavyweight Richard ‘The Inferno’ Tower’s Audi as he parked on Spital Hill.

But as he started to get out the bus moved off, smashing into his car and tearing it off the hinges, as well as wrenching his right shoulder.

The 6ft 8in tall fighter is still in pain and struggling to sleep on the arm several days after the collision.

Dad-of-two Richard, of Wincobank, said: “The bus came to a stop just behind me, so I had the door ajar, did another check and made eye contact with the driver, it looked like he was waiting.

“As I went to get out there was a ‘bang’. I shouted and he must have heard me through the doors because he stopped quickly.”

Richard, who has won 15 and lost one bout, is due to fight again in February but has been unable to train using his arms after the crash.

He said: “I’ve been training my legs but I didn’t want to risk anything, I’m going to the hospital today to have it looked at as it seems to be getting worse.

“I was holding on to the door when the bus hit it and tried to stop it being ripped off – I don’t want to milk anything but this has definitely stopped me in my tracks.”

Richard – formerly called Richard Hayles – turned his life around after serving half a 13-year sentence for his part in a gang kidnapping.

He was released from prison in 2007, trained at Brendan Ingle’s gym, and now gives talks in schools to encourage children to stay away from crime.

The dad said he spoke to the bus driver at the scene and he admitted he had not checked before setting off.

But when he called First he was told the driver had denied liability.

Richard added: “I asked if he had checked his surroundings before setting off and he said ‘no, I didn’t’.

“When I said he should have at least checked he said ‘we’re not all perfect, are we?’. I asked him if he was admitting liability and he said it was his fault.

“But when I called First I was told the driver is putting me down for liability. Until the CCTV is checked I’ve got no car to drive and I’m injured - it is just ridiculous.

A First spokesman said: “I’m sorry to note the concerns raised by Mr Towers.

“We’re investigating the incident, including a review of the CCTV and driver interview, and will get back in touch as soon as possible.”