Sheffield bound DJ gets pizza delivered to train as it passes through station

Sheffield station - where DJ Artwork was headed when he got hungry.Sheffield station - where DJ Artwork was headed when he got hungry.
Sheffield station - where DJ Artwork was headed when he got hungry.
A DJ travelling from Glasgow to Sheffield managed to get a pizza delivered to him on a train as it passed through a station platform.

After finishing a gig in Glasgow, DJ Artwork rushed to make the train but forgot to buy any food before the five-hour journey to Sheffield.

He went onto Twitter to consider his options including asking a fan to bring food to a platform but decided to take the advice from one follower who suggested the south London-based musician get pizza delivered to the train.

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He called Domino's Pizza and successfully made the order for a Hawaiian despite being unable to give the call-handler a postcode for the delivery address.

After he made the order, Artwork kept his fans on social media on the edge of their seats with updates about whether the food would make it to the platform in time.

He posted a video of three Domino's staff walking over to his train with the Hawaiian pizza at Darlington train station.

DJ Artwork said: "People on the train could hear me trying to order the food, and when the lady asked for a postcode I had to say 'it's a train, it hasn't got a postcode'.

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"Everyone was giggling. There was a big build up, waiting to see if it would happen.

"It was quite tense and I was starving."

Artwork said he will carry on his quest for train takeaways, after successfully getting a pizza delivered to another service passing through Kettering station.

He said: "I've done it twice now. This is the challenge, I'm going to get larger meals. I think I will try a Chinese next."

It isn't the first time a star has managed to get pizza delivered to a train.

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Comedian Chris Ramsey created a social media stir when he managed to get one delivered to a train as it stopped off in Doncaster in May 2014.

The star of BBC2’s Hebburn challenged pizza companies on Twitter to deliver the Italian fast food favourite to him on the train, using the #PizzaOnATrain hashtag.

Comedian gets pizza delivered to train at Doncaster stationDomino’s stepped up to the plate, and delivered a medium pizza with jalapenos and green peppers as his train pulled into Doncaster station, delighting Chris and his fellow Twitter users as his pizza shenanigans became the number one trending topic worldwide.