Sheffield-born ballet dancer celebrates career by releasing diary

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A Sheffield-born dancer who was one of the first dancers to train with a top ballet company has released her diary.

Felicity White has published her 60 year old diary which documents her time as a student ballet dancer at White Lodge, home of the Royal Ballet School.

In 1955, at the age of 13, Felicity became one of the first intakes at White Lodge. She was one of only 45 students nationwide to begin her three year journey studying ballet and being taught by some of the most famous names in the industry.

Felicity said: “My time at White Lodge was magical. I always loved ballet and to have this opportunity at such an early age was incredible.

“My diary has been with me ever since. Its hand written in fountain pen and contains many pictures and articles cut out of the newspapers and magazines at the time. I made a record of everything, not realising then the interest and joy it would bring to so many now.

“With the help of my daughter Lucinda we have taken the original diary, which is looking rather worn and falling apart, and brought it to life for more people to enjoy.

“We have already sold many copies, with some going as far as South Africa, Canada and Germany.

As soon as the diary was printed, Felicity sent a copy to White Lodge Manager of Special Collections, Anna Meadmore.

Anna said: “The book is really delightful, and full of fascinating details about life at White Lodge. It will be a fantastic resource for our library.”

Felicity will visit the Lodge’s Summer Fair next month and has already booked a stand for the 2019 fair to sell her diary and her next book, which is due to be published later this year and documents her life as a student of the Royal Ballet School from 1958.

She is also in discussions with the lodge’s development team as a small percentage of the sale of each book will be donated to the school. She has also been invited to speak to current students there later this year.

She added: “I am overwhelmed at the response to my diary and was particularly thrilled to be invited to give a talk to the current students at the school in September or October this year. What a wonderful way to celebrate 60 years of the book and the school too.”

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