Sheffield blokes 'most generous in Britain' on first dates

Sheffield men are among some of the most generous in the UK on a first date, a new survey has revealed.

Friday, 10th June 2016, 12:41 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 11:24 am
Men from Sheffield are among the UK's most generous on a first date.

The study has found that 71% of men in the city expect to pay for the WHOLE bill on a first date.

Research from leading UK diner’s club tastecard shows that men in the city are much more generous when it comes to stumping up, compared to the national average of 63%.

The top five cities with the most generous men are as follows:

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Southampton (82%)

Bristol (77%)

Glasgow (74%)

Newcastle (71%)

Sheffield (71%)

Despite the city having such chivalrous gents, most women in Sheffield (81%) expect to split the bill on a first date, compared to just 8% of Sheffield’s men.

For those of us in longer term relationships, almost half of males (42%) in Sheffield say they insist on paying the full bill, whilst 15% of Sheffield women EXPECT their partner to foot the entire bill. Furthermore, 15% of ladies in Sheffield say their partner always pays as he/she earns more.

Matt Turner, CEO of tastecard, said: “Our research shows that picking up the bill is a tricky subject for many of us, particularly on a first date when we are keen to impress. Hopefully our survey results will help to put people’s minds at rest when dining out as we now know the nation’s true feelings on splitting the bill.”