Sheffield bar to sell world's most expensive rum at £150 a shot

Two Sheffield venue owners have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure they offer what's thought to be the most comprehensive rum menu outside of the capital.

Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 10:36 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th February 2016, 10:40 am
Cubana owners Brad Charlesworth (left) and Adrian Bagnoli (right) collecting their bottle of Maximo Extra Anejo from Havanna Club in Cuba

They've flown all the way to Havana in Cuba to source one of the most expensive bottles in the world.

Single 25ml shots of ‘Maximo Extra Anejo' will soon be on sale at Leopold Square's Cubana in Sheffield for a jaw-dropping £150.

Considered by many to be the finest rum ever made, the ultra-premium drink even comes in a handmade crystal decanter.

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But the creme de la creme of rums will only be the start of the Cubana forthcoming rum menu that runs to 161 varieties - believed to be the most extensive in the UK outside of London.

They're sourced the spirit from the likes of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Martinique, Barbados and other exotic locations.

They've even gone as far as Japan with a rum called ‘Nine Leaves'.

But not to be outdone, there's also O'Hara's Rum available - a popular rum made in Sheffield that retails at £3.20 a shot.Adrian Bagnoli and Brad Charlesworth spent over a week Cuba sampling Cuban rum, visiting bars, restaurants and clubs and checking out local musicians.

Adrian Bagnoli said: "It really was an amazing week and it has given us so much inspiration and interesting ideas for Cubana here in Sheffield.

"We've been working on our rum menu for quite a few months and securing a bottle of Maximo Extra Anejo was the last piece of the jigsaw. It's handcrafted by blending the finest and oldest rum reserves, only 1,000 bottles of this prized reserve are available worldwide and we have one of them.

"We're hoping to further our links with Cuba in the coming months and are now in advanced discussions with a view to bringing a very talented group of Cuban musicians over from Havana for a two month residency with us - which if we succeed will be an amazing coup for Cubana."