Sheffield bar and restaurant apologises after 'owner racially abuses customer'

A Sheffield bar and restaurant has apologised after a customer was reportedly racially abused by the owner.

Friday, 27th July 2018, 2:07 pm
Updated Friday, 27th July 2018, 2:12 pm
The Clubhouse - Google Maps

The Clubhouse Sheffield took to Facebook earlier today to apologise 'for the events of Thursday night'.

A customer claimed on Twitter that she was called 'the n-word' at the bar and restaurant before urging others to boycott the establishment.

An eye-witness said that an argument broke out between the customer and the owner over a political disagreement before she was racially abused.

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The Clubhouse's manager has taken to apologise for the 'improper language' used by the owner.

Rachel posted: "On behalf of the staff and managers at The Clubhouse, I would like to apologise for the events of Thursday night.

"We also cannot condone the behaviour of the person responsible and as such he has been barred from the premises.

"The individual would like to apologise to both customers and staff.

"Myself and the staff have worked hard over the last 3.5 years to make The Clubhouse a safe and friendly place to visit and this goes against what has been achieved.

"I know that this in no way makes up for what happened."

Rachel added that the person was 'not acting on behalf of the venue and was simply a customer on the evening'.

Outraged customers have taken to Facebook to leave furious reviews following the incident, branding it 'completely unacceptable'.

One shocked customer wrote: "Racist landlord who thinks it’s ok to call Black Women the N word in 2018 - rating should be minus points. Boycott and stay away.

"Sounds made up doesn't it, I only wish it was, but I know and care about the women that this happened to.

"They wouldn't make up something this serious. How dare you treat people like this?? Public apology needed now! There's no excuse for racism EVER. I join the boycott of this venue."

South Yorkshire Police have been approached for a comment.