Sheffield baking fan has all the ingredients to a long life

Edith Bowling celebrates her birthday at her home in Gleadless
Edith Bowling celebrates her birthday at her home in Gleadless
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SHEFFIELD centenarian Edith Bowling has seen many changes in 100 years but one thing has remained the same – her love of cake.

The former post office worker is still a keen baker and made a fruit cake just before her big birthday celebrations at her home in Gleadless, Sheffield.

Great-grandma Edith started whipping up tasty treats from a young age and only the rations of war were able to slow down her favourite pastime.

Edith said: “I love baking fruit cake and scones and different things – cake might be the secret to a long life.

“In my mind I feel about 50! It’s only my legs that are the worst.

“I’m happy to be here still and to have all the help I do as well.

“I always worked hard when I was younger, I’ve always had plenty of food, and I still keep that up now.”

Widow Edith also worked at a food ration store during World War Two.

She said: “I didn’t cook so much then.

“I was blitzed out at our home on Suffolk Road. We lost the biggest part of the house and had to come out in the Sheffield Blitz.”

Edith still enjoys the occasional dance, as well as cooking, and lives independently in her flat with arthritis being her only health complaint.

She had one son, who died 20 years ago, and has one grand-daughter and two great-grandchildren.

Residents in Edith’s flats - where she is the oldest tenant - celebrated her milestone birthday with a party of balloons, champagne and, inevitably, a special pink cake.

Granddaughter Nicola Burke, of Stannington, said: “The family is really proud of her. She is still so independent and does her own baking.”