Sheffield babysitter accused of sex assaults says accusers are lying

Alex Green outside Sheffield Crown Court.
Alex Green outside Sheffield Crown Court.
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A Sheffield babysitter accused of sexually assaulting four boys while under his care has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Alexander Green, aged 31, of Crosspool, Sheffield, took to the witness stand to give evidence during his trial at Sheffield Crown Court.

He previously told officers during a formal police interview in 2014 that ‘he wouldn’t do a thing like that’.

When asked by Clare Ashcroft, on behalf of Green, about physical contact with any of the boys, Green responded there was ‘lots’.

He said: “I would hug them, play with them which could be wrestling, play-fighting, pillow fights something like that.”

Ms Ashcroft asked him about the ‘belly rubbing’ admission to police in his interview and what his motives were.

Green responded: “It was during the night time routine, it was meant to be a soothing nature and a way of comforting them.

“I did not want to feel like I was distant from them.”

Green was asked directly if he touched any of the boys inappropriately.

He said: “No, not at all.”

Ms Ashcroft then asked if he talked about sexual behaviour to any of the boys.

“Not directly as part of sexual matters,” Green said.

“There was a conversation about sex education and the changes to bodies to one of them but I suggested he should talk to his Dad.”

Kitty Taylor, prosecuting, asked Green why he thought it was appropriate to rub bellies.

Green said: “I felt the relationship that I had developed, and in the circumstances, it was appropriate to rub their bellies.

Ms Taylor asked: “Wasn’t this a deliberate act to use the rubbing of their tummies as a way of pushing the boundaries to go further?”

“No, not at all,” Green responded.

“I don’t want to sound like a broken record but I did not intentionally touch them inappropriately.”

Ms Taylor added: “In fact you are saying that the complainants are lying about what they said you did to them?”

Green replied: “Yes that is correct.”

Ms Ashcroft read out six supporting character statements for Green.

One person said: “I’ve found Alex to be great around children, fun and very enthusiastic in his work.

“When I first heard about the allegations, I was alarmed but extremely shocked and surprised.”

The trial at Sheffield Crown Court continues.