Sheffield babysitter ‘abused four boys’ - court

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A male babysitter sexually abused four Sheffield boys, a court heard.

Alexander Green, aged 31, of Crosspool, Sheffield, ‘abused his position of trust’ while he babysat in the city, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Kitty Taylor told a jury at the court that Green had sexually assaulted the boys when he was in his early 20s.

The court heard Green, who has autism, ‘touched’ and ‘rubbed’ the boys’ genitals on numerous occasions dating from 2004, when the youngest victim was aged seven.

The offences were alleged to have taken place when the boys made their way to bed.

The complainants are now teenagers.

The allegations first came to light in 2012 when one of the boys opened up about it to friends.

The court heard the boy was ‘upset and crying’ and told them he had been sexually abused when he was younger.

He later revealed in 2013 that it was Green that had abused him and told a teacher, who passed the information onto police.

Green told officers that his behaviour had been ‘appropriate.’

Ms Taylor said: “He was very well liked and respected in the community.

“He abused the trust the family had in him.

“He started to become sexually familiar with the complainants and found the company of pre-teen boys appealing.”

“The defendant is saying that all four boys in fact are lying.

“The four boys have similar allegations, in the same context, with similar ages.

The jury was played a recording of a police interview with the first young boy who came forward.

The boy, now aged 15, told officers about the first alleged incident involving Green that he could remember.

He said: “He (Green) would usually come into my bedroom and start to rub and touch me lasting about 30 minutes to an hour.

“The first time I can remember, I was about around seven, I’m not too sure.

“We were sat talking and then he took my pyjamas off and started touching and playing with me.

“Afterwards he said to me: ‘If you enjoyed that I can do it again,’ and then he carried on touching me.”

When asked what his reaction was to the abuse, the complainant said: “I felt trapped and isolated.

“I did not know how to stop it, I didn’t know what to say in case it came across like I was being mean but I did not want it to happen at all.

“I blame myself for not telling him not to do it but I know deep down that I shouldn’t.”

Green denies 23 counts of sexual assault of a child under the age of 13 and one count of causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

The trial continues.