Sheffield axe attack on police: Everything we know so far

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News of the axe attack which left a female police officer needing surgery has moved quickly in the week since it has happened.

We’ve pulled together everything on the incident into one place to keep you up to speed on the latest developments of the Gleadless Valley attack and the response of Sheffield people.

*How the incident allegedly unfolded

-Police were called to a flat on Plowright Close, Gleadless Valley, at about 7.50pm.

-But the man they were attempting to arrest fled to the Co-Operative store on Newfield Green, near the junction of Blackstock Road and Gleadless Road

-The Star arrived on scene at about 9.30pm, at which time several ambulances were leaving the scene with a police escort. Part of Gleadless Road was shut for several hours.

-The man was arrested, but five officers were hurt in the incident including a female police officer who required surgery.

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*The brave injured female officer

-The female officer injured was one of five hurt in the attack.

The block of flats where the incident first began

The block of flats where the incident first began

-She has been named as PC Lisa Bates.

-In addition to a fractured skull and leg, she suffered severe injuries to her hands as she tried to defend herself from the man wielding the axe.

-Chf Supt Hartley said the injured female officer works in the local community.

-He described the incident as ‘traumatic’ and said that although officers expect some hostility and violence in the line of duty, the attack was ‘exceptional’.

The Co-Op where a man in his 30s was arrested

The Co-Op where a man in his 30s was arrested

-He said the incident had come as a ‘real shock’ and revealed that he had visited the injured officer in hospital at 6.30am.

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South Yorkshire Police chiefs praised the bravery of the officers who were injured: VIDEO Police chiefs praise officers

*The arrest

-A man, aged in his 30s, was arrested after being tasered by police

-The arrest happened inside the Co-op store on Blackstock Road.

-Several accounts of how the arrest was made surfaced on social media.

VIDEO of police on the scene: VIDEO of police on the scene

A man appeared in court on Friday morning charged with attempted murder: Sheffield man charged with attempted murder

*The hero member of the public who intervened

-Simon Ellis, aged 46, claims he spotted the injured policewoman ‘half-staggering and half-falling’ out of a stairwell in Plowright Close, Gleadless Valley, while being pursued by a ‘bodybuilder with an axe’.

-He said the officer was on the ground with her baton up for protection ‘pleading with somebody to help her and stop him hurting her’.

-So I dragged her by her body armour with blood pouring out everywhere to my house.

“I dragged her through the front door into the hallway where I locked her in.

“I put a pillow under the police officer’s head and tried to parcel up her fingers best I could with a handkerchief.

“Police say I saved her life but I’m not having that.”

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The man has also gone on video to say how he did it: VIDEO How I saved policewoman from axeman

*Fundraising for the injured PC Lisa Bates

-A crowdfunding page has now been set up for Lisa Bates and her four injured colleagues

-More than £7,000 has now been raised in total

*The worst attack in 30 years

-The attack was described as the ‘worst attack on a police officer in 30 years’

- “I would hope this is a ‘once in a service’ incident they have to face,” said Chief Superintendent David Hartley.

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*South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, along with MP Louise Haigh, visited on Saturday

-The pair came to Gleadless Valley to meet with residents and assuage fears after the axe attack and the murder in the same week

-They revealed that PC Lisa Bates is doing better after surgery

*The Star on Thursday, April 20 has an exclusive front page with the reaction from South Yorkshire Police to the fundraising for the injured Lisa Bates.