Sheffield £200,000 Lottery win '˜faker' says police haven't been in touch - and Camelot still won't pay up

A Sheffield dad accused of faking a £200,000 National Lottery scratchcard jackpot says that he still hasn't been spoken to by police after being accused of fraud '“ and that Camelot still won't pay out on his '˜win.'

Thursday, 10th January 2019, 9:26 am
Updated Monday, 14th January 2019, 9:04 am
Eric Walker and Amanda Emmadi say they haven't been contacted by police over a 'faked' lottery ticket. (Photo: SWNS).

Eric Walker, 57, claims he won the jackpot on a £3 Pharaoh's Fortune card back in November '“ but Lottery bosses say the card was doctored and that they had passed the matter to the police.

But unemployed Mr Walker, of Arbourthorne, says he hasn't been contacted by South Yorkshire Police and has since been told to go through the complaints department.

Eric Walker and Amanda Emmadi say they haven't been contacted by police over a 'faked' lottery ticket. (Photo: SWNS).

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Camelot won't pay Sheffield man's £200,000 jackpot after confirming ticket was ...

South Yorkshire Police confirmed an investigation was ongoing and Camelot has refuted the claim the altered card is a result of a misprint after launching an investigation into the issue after a winning E5 square on the card appeared to have been changed from an F.

Eric told The Sun Online: "I want a fair crack of the whip and I feel like I'm getting the wrong end of the whip at the minute.

'At the end of the day especially if it's a misprint how are Camelot going to explain that to me after I've been slated?

Two separate photographs of the scratchcard with Camelot say was altered. (Photo: SWNS)

"There are not enough apologies in the world.

'I want a member of the Camelot team to come and scrutinise that card in front of me and tell me where we have supposed to have altered it.

'We are the ones getting scammed. It's not called Camelot, it's called Scamelot.

Eric and his partner Amanda Emmadi, 37, are adamant the ticket was misprinted and he has demanded police come to his house to see it.

He said: "At the end of this I want my name to be cleared. Nobody has any right to drag me what I've been dragged through.

'All we did was buy a scratchcard, Amanda scratched it off, we took it to the shop, the machine went down.

'We did nothing wrong, I don't know where they got it from that it's been altered, that has not been done.

'If it's a faulty one then it's a fault on their behalf, it's not our fault because we don't print scratchcards.'

The former nightclub bouncer says his family have been shouted at in the street after he was accused of cheating.

Eric added: "I've had people giving me looks and pointing fingers in the street saying that I'm a cheat.

"There was a woman before Christmas who shouted and said to me that I'm trying to con Camelot out of £200,000."

A Camelot spokesman said: "As we said previously, this is not a winning Scratchcard - so no prize is payable - and we've also reported this matter to the police.

"To be clear, our complaints process allows people to make a complaint about the way their enquiry has been handled but, to date, we have received no further correspondence from Mr Walker."