Sheffield among safest late night cities

A new report reveals Sheffield is ranked in top ten UK cities where people feel safest travelling alone on a night out.

Wednesday, 26th October 2016, 9:51 am
Updated Wednesday, 26th October 2016, 3:10 pm
Deltic Night Index

Research into fifth ranked safest city also reports revelers here leave home on average between 9 and 10pm before hitting bright lights and night spots. And confirms the new going out ... is still going out!

UK’s largest club and bar operator The Deltic Group today unveils first report into UK’s late night economy and consumer trends emphasises Brits still love to party (here soundtracked by Nightclubbing animals Grace Jones and Iggy Pop).

Let's get this party started ... 9-10pm on average in Sheffield

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Chief Executive Peter Marks said: “Against the backdrop of recent news of club closures and reports of the decline of the late night economy, Deltic Night Index Report shows us this is not the case. Going out is still very much on the agenda in the UK.

“Whether it’s to see our mates or to just have a dance, it seems as a nation we still love a night out! Our data shows nearly 40% of Brits go on a late night out once a week and 72% of 18-21 year-olds go out once a week or more.

"This clearly demonstrates there is a need for late night venues on UK high streets. The late night economy generates £66 billion annual revenue and is responsible for one third of town turnover. With this in mind. it’s important we continue support and invest to ensure its future.”

Report highlights at a glance:

Sheffield clubland thrills await for Hallowe'en

How much do we spend on a night out?

· Brits spend £58 or over on an average night out (£58.48) just on food, drinks, entry fee and transport

· Brits spend an average of £9.18 on pre-drinks, £15.55 on food, £9.68 on transport, £7.70 on entry fee and £16.37 on drinks in the venue on an average night out

· 26-30 year olds spend the most on an average night out, spending almost £70 (£66.91), compared to 22-25 year olds who spend £56.95

Let's get this party started ... 9-10pm on average in Sheffield

How long does a late night last?

· Over a third of 18-21 year olds (34%) don’t leave the house until between 10pm – 12am

· 88% of respondents stay out for up to 6 hours

How often do we go out on a late night?

Sheffield clubland thrills await for Hallowe'en

· Nearly 40% of Brits go on a late night out once a week, a figure which is largely consistent across age groups

· 72% of 18-21 year olds go out once a week or more

Why do we go out?

· Across all ages, seeing friends was cited as one of the top reasons people go on a night out (66%). This increases to 73% for the 18-30 age group

· Almost half (45%) of Brits go out to escape the stress of day to day life, including 48% of 18-21 year olds

· A quarter (25%) of 18-30 year olds said that a main reason for them going on a night out is to have a dance/exercise, compared to just 9% of 31+ year olds

· 1 in 8 (12%) men said that a main reason for them going on a night out is to meet a potential partner, but this is true for just 1 in 14 (7%) women

How do we choose our nights out?

When planning a night out, almost 2 in 3 (65%) 18-21 year olds choose where to go via recommendations.

· Top five ways respondents choose where to go when planning a night out are:

- Recommendations (58%)

- Friends being tagged on Facebook (22%)

- Google Search (20%)

- Online reviews (18%)

- Website (17%)


· One third 18-25 year-olds will spend Halloween at a club

· Fancy dress is a big draw on Halloween, with more than a quarter saying they look for an opportunity to dress up from their chosen venue (more than one third of 18-30 year olds)

· More females than males look for ‘dressing up’ from a night out at Halloween (30% vs 19%)

Deltic operates 59 venues nationwide as PRYZM, ATIK, Fiction, Cameo, Kuda, Vinyl and the new Bar&Beyond brand, offering premium drinks, private booths and entertainment-led party packages. Deltic Night Index quarterly comprehensive research report conducted by Censuswide into UK late night economy and consumer trends.