Sheffield actor Sean Bean tells American TV that Donald Trump is a 'buffoon'

Sean Bean
Sean Bean
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Sheffield born actor Sean Bean poked fun at US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump during a live interview on American television last night.

Game of Thrones star Bean, who was raised in Handsworth, was appearing on the hit talk show Larry King Live.

When asked by the host what British people don't get about Americans, the 56-year-old replied: "The British can't believe that so many people believe this buffoon is prospective American president."

During the 20 minute interview the die-hard Sheffield United fan talked about his acting career which has seen him star in hit TV dramas Sharpe and Game of Thrones, as well as blockbuster films such as James Bond and Lord of the Rings.

The star also joked about how his characters nearly always seem to get killed off.

The candid chat also saw Bean talk about his time working as a welder in a Sheffield steelworks, his love of climbing trees, as well as revealing that his 'guilty pleasure' is chocolate eclairs.

He also revealed that if he wasn't an actor he'd like to be a 'painter, sculptor, or landscape gardener'.

When asked by the veteran host what Americans get wrong about Britain, Bean said: "They tend to think Britain is all a bit like Downton Abbey."