Sheffield accent voted as one of the least sexy in England and people are not happy

Sheffield Peace Gardens
Sheffield Peace Gardens
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Sheffield folk are a notoriously proud bunch and it's not difficult to see why.

There's so much for residents to be proud of in the city; from fantastic architecture, great sports teams and wonderful bars and restaurants.

However, one thing that divides opinion from people outside of Sheffield is the accent.

The Yorkshire accent is one of the most recogniseable around but those of us from Sheffield have a slightly different twang to our neighbours further north.

While Sheffield folk would argue it's one of their most endearing traits, it seems blogging website lovinmanchester disagrees.

The website recently ranked 51 cities in England on their accent, from the sexiest to the least sexiest.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the website placed Manchester, 'land of the barm, home of the free' as having the sexiest accent.

Birmingham, Bristol and Hull were three of the more unlucky cities in the poll taking up the bottom three spots respectively.

However, just ahead of them, but still in a disappointing 48th place, was Sheffield.

The website stated that people visiting Sheffield should not expect 'sentences to use conjoining words' and the article hasn't gone down too well with locals.

Jade Holly asked on Twitter: "How has Sheffield been voted 48th sexiest accent?"

Poppy asked: "Do you think the Sheffield accent is gross? It got voted number 48 out of of 51 in the sexiest accents, how rude!"

Have we been hard done by in the vote? Let us know!