Sheffie;d group calls for restored landfill site to open ‘ASAP’

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Concerns over the safety implications of restoring a landfill site to a community park in Sheffield have been echoed by a Friends group.

However, Friends of Parkwood Springs say the proposals to restore the Viridor waste site at Parkwood Springs are welcome and the park needs to be open soon – as long as it is made safe.

Neill Schofield, Friends chairman, said: “What we want is for it to become a nice open space and a country park for the whole city.

“We are very much in favour of it being restored.

“But what we want is for it to be open as soon as possible.

“Obviously, it has got to be safe.

“But a similar scheme was put in place in Beighton and that is now an area people can walk across with no safety issues.

“So if the safety issues can be managed at Beighton, then why not here?

“It’s absolutely vital, as far as we’re concerned, because at the moment we have this ambition of a country park in the city, but the middle of the site is basically landfill at the moment.

“The landfill needs to be restored, with paths connecting either side from Rutland Road to Herries Road.”