She’s standing by her man - of 1485

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So, that car park in Leicester finally gave up its 500-year secret.

Experts have now confirmed that the twisted remains unearthed by the University of Leicester last September were, indeed, those of Richard III.

The most infamous monarch of all time, branded a ruthless tyrant and the killer of the little princes in the tower, he died at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, more than half a millennium ago and his body was lost over time. But Monday night’s enthralling Channel 4 documentary The King In The Car Park chronicled the spectacular histo-detective work that went into ‘finding Richard.’

Radio-carbon dating, CT scans, DNA matching - the last Plantagenet king got the lot. No stone unturned.

And all thanks to the passion of one woman. Script-writer Phillippa Langley had spearheaded the drive to discover his remains, It was she who fought for the dig - and who rallied £13,000 when funding ran out at the last minute. Without Phillipa, the King would still be parked in an un-marked bay.

But Phillippa is now hell-bent on proving Richard was no monster. So dismayed was she when scientists revealed he did indeed have the hunched back legend and Shakespeare had described, she wept.

There’s something quite weird about this woman’s obsession with a man old enough to be her grandfather 40 times removed. The sight of her gazing into Richard’s rebuilt face like a woman in love reminded me of those deluded women who stand by their death row husbands.