Sharing successes of Sheffield community policing

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A police officer from Sheffield has attended an international seminar on the best practices in local policing.

Jason Booth, Inspector for the Sheffield South East Safer Neighbourhood Team, attended the event in Spain with officers from across Europe.

It was hosted by Valencia Police with the aim of sharing successes of community and neighbourhood policing models.

Tracy Ford, from the Sheffield Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team, was also invited to the event.

She and Insp Booth talked about their work in Woodhouse, where a Designated Public Place Order is in place to reduce anti-social behaviour and disorder.

Insp Booth said: “Over the past three years we have worked very closely with a number of key partners and the community to address local concerns particularly around street drinking.

“As a result, we have worked together to promote a number of positive initiatives in the area including, Sheffield’s first DPPO in a residential area.

“Because of these initiatives we have seen a decrease of 45 per cent in anti-social behaviour compared to previous years, and a significant reduction in street drinking.

“Measures are in place for those in need of targeted support regarding alcohol.

“We hope to build upon this very positive local project that has been recognised in other parts of Europe.”

Sheffield’s District Commander, Chief Superintendent David Hartley, said: “I am extremely proud of what the team has achieved and the request to speak at such a prestigious international event is testament to that. Last year, across Sheffield, we had over 10,000 fewer anti-social behaviour incidents recorded.”