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Share Your Story
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Share Your Story - shape the news in your area by sending us your words, photos and videos.

Tell your story, send a photo or upload a video. Here’s how you can now contribute using our Share Your Story upload tool - on our web site.

You can also tweet, Facebook and email us - full details and links below. Use #thestarmystory

Have you seen something you’d like to tell us about? Have you news from your neighbourhood?

We’re always looking to get our readers involved in the stories that matter most to them.

Share your success. Have you reached a milestone? Broken a record? Beaten the best? We love a feel-good story, especially if it comes with a photograph of any celebrations.

You may be championing a charity. Whether you’re bathing in beans or baking a cake, tell us what you’re doing to make a difference in your community and we’ll get right behind you.

Also have your say. Is there something going on that’s making you hot under the collar? Have you an opinion on anything you’ve read about?

Many of our readers use the comments in articles to have their say. Join the conversation.

But you can now get even more involved by telling your story, uploading photos and short video clips via our web site. We’ll publish the best in paper and online.

SHARE YOUR STORY UPLOADS: You can upload your photos, videos and words using the Share Your Story upload tool on our homepage. Don’t forget to include your full name and contact details. CLICK HERE.


EMAIL:, with thestarmystory in the subject field.

FACEBOOK: Leave a comment, uploads photos and video on our Facebook page at, include your name, a caption and location. Also use #thestarmystory

TWITTER: Tweet us @sheffieldstar - include you name, caption and location and, to help us find your message, use the hashtag #thestarmystory

Also send us selfies adding #thestarselfie