Shame on you city council

Birley House Spa Victorian Bathhouse Hackenthorpe, SheffieldBirley House Spa Victorian Bathhouse Hackenthorpe, Sheffield
Birley House Spa Victorian Bathhouse Hackenthorpe, Sheffield
Just read the front page of the Star and couldn't believe it, Sheffield Council selling something else they shouldn't.

If they sell it I hope they repay the Heritage Lottery cash, the half a million pounds they got to do it up.

They just let everything go to pot and then try to sell it on. Other councils take pride in their heritage but the only thing Sheffield takes pride in is taking people to court for trying to protect the trees. Shame on you Sheffield council.

PH Siddall


Carry on city council

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The recent huffy letters to the Star about the road verges not being mown have no awareness of the excellent reasons for not cutting too often.

Most of the objections were daft, (hay fever, obstacles to drivers), but no-one seemed aware of the benefits.

The wildlife charity Plant life points out that 45 per cent of flora grows on our verges and that frequent cutting reduces plant diversity and increases the need to cut vigorous varieties encouraged by such frequent cutting.

They advise cutting once a year between mid-July and late September. Earlier cutting destroys many attractive summer flowers.

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Also uncut verges become wildlife corridors for feeding and for movement.

And Sheffield Council announced the new policy long ago. I read it in the Star! (Something the Star editor seems to have missed.)

I would encourage Sheffield Council to carry on.

David Allen

Sheffield, S5

Just show us the football

Being an avid football fan, (live games home and away), this World Cup reminded me why I dumped my Sky TV 10 years ago after 20 years.

The so-called expert panels just bore you to death, usually 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after games.

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Even with VAR these panellists still want to question every decision made by the referees, who in my opinion have been fantastic in not calling fouls and penalties by players diving all over the pitch. Both channels should dump the panels and just show us the football, please.

John Vintin

Sheffield, S10

Upskirting bill blocked

I too am shocked that the bill to criminalise upskirting was blocked by a single Tory.

A new law on non-contact sexual assault should be established, carrying six months imprisonment and/or significant fine.

John Gilvarry


They should know better

I purchased a copy of The Sunday Times Royal Wedding edition. Inside I found “CULTURE & STYLE” Supplements encased in thin plastic.

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I think a responsible national should know better than to create an unnecessary hazard for the environment.

I have been a photographer for more than 50 years and am occasionally interested in new equipment tests but most photography magazines are also encased in flimsy plastic so I can’t browse so I don’t buy.

Years ago I subscribed to National Geographic, and the monthly magazine was posted in a paper wallet.

If these found their way into rivers or the sea they would disintegrate rapidly with no adverse effect on the environment.

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The government should insist that all magazines and periodicals are encased in paper wallets and many food products are packaged in paper or card as are for example pizza, lard, cheese etc.

Shop at a food store in USA and you are given brown paper bags not plastic bags.

Peter Wolstenholme


Leave it be, I say

Spearmint Rhino, the debate goes on and on.

My husband was working at a young woman’s house this week.

What does she do I said to him. Oh she works in a lap dancing club in Leeds.

I said to him, ask her why she does it if you can. He said OK I will.

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He comes in from work, he said they had a good chat about it and why she does it.

She told him the first thing was the money and it was good money. She works three times a week and it provides a comfortable life, she said for now it was lots of money for very little work.

It won’t last forever but she enjoyed it and it’s her choice, she could work in a shop or office, she chooses this for herself.

She’s having the last laugh in all this. If people are willing to waste money going in these places and the girls want to do it leave it be I say.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Freedom of choice

What’s wrong with Spearmint Rhino?

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It’s not a place where I would have chosen to work, (I’m retired), nor frequent, BUT it’s a form of ‘entertainment’ many enjoy.

The girls who work there have a choice, they do or they don’t and the audience have the same choice, watch/don’t watch.

So what has it got to do with anybody else?

In all my years of reading The Star and living in Sheffield whilst the venue has been open, I have never read in The Star or heard on the news that there has been any conflict there, ie fighting, stabbing or shooting issues.

It isn’t an offensive looking building, in fact I think the facade looks quite ‘classy’ from the outside so what’s the problem?

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It isn’t my cup of tea but it is for some and as far as I can see it’s pretty harmless.

The girls are earning a living or helping to pay their way as a student studying in Sheffield.

The owners have a lucrative business, everyone is happy.

What’s wrong with that?

There are a certain group of individuals in this city who would try and put a stop to everything they didn’t agree with and not allow others to have freedom of choice.

Good on Sheffield City Council for renewing their licence.

Ann Dawson

Aston, S26