Shame of teacher in online sex case

Peter Avery
Peter Avery
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THE former assistant head of a large Sheffield secondary school posed as a young boy on a website to persuade a 13-year-old girl to perform an indecent act.

Peter Avery, aged 56, who used to be assistant head at City School in Stradbroke, used the online chat site MSN to contact his victim.

Pretending to be a teenage boy, Avery then asked the girl to perform a sex act.

The offences took place in July 2009 over a three-day period – while Avery was an art teacher at one of the biggest schools in Doncaster.

He was suspended from his job at Sir Thomas Wharton Community College in Edlington after the allegations surfaced last year.

Avery, of Muirfield Avenue, Bessacarr, is awaiting sentence after admitting inciting a 13-year-old girl into sexual activity, and possessing indecent images of children.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman confirmed Avery was still in his post as a teacher in Doncaster at the time of the offences, and was arrested at home.

Following the hearing at Wolverhampton Crown Court, the CPS spokesman said Avery pretended to be a teenager in order to chat to the girl via MSN, then asked her to expose herself.

Avery was suspended from Sir Thomas Wharton Community College in May 2010 pending the outcome of an investigation.

He is due to be sentenced later this month.

Mary McCorry, headteacher of Sir Thomas Wharton, said in a statement: “Mr Avery no longer teaches at the school after being suspended with immediate effect in May last year. Due to legal proceedings we are not able to comment further on specific case details.”

During his time at City School in Sheffield, married man Avery went on a crash diet to lose 14 stone in nine months – and later piloted his school’s healthy living strategy.

In 2005 he said of his weight loss: “I’m feeling absolutely fabulous – 20 years younger.

“I’m in the ideal position now to help the kids – I know what it’s like to be pointed at and taunted. I’ve been there.”

Photographed in clothes which fitted him when he was 30 stone, he told The Star: “I was rapidly approaching heart attack city – I was absolutely ripe for it. I was always a fat kid and I went on to become a fat adult. ”