Shame of lack of care

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The Star: Opinion.
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Can it really be true that a young family has been allowed to live in a car for three weeks because the council has not found a home for them?

What on earth have we come to that this mother and three sons have been allowed to exist in this way, forced to use public toilets to wash in because their needs have not come to the attention of the appropriate people. It is only because this newspaper has raised their plight that the council has agreed to accelerate them up the housing need list. Whatever their circumstances in coming to this city, this is a shameful episode. We find ourselves asking the question why did no-one identify that this was happening and raise it with the appropriate housing officer. And if the council was aware, then how did it transpire that no urgent action was taken, even if it meant putting them up in a bed and breakfast. Thankfully, now, their housing needs will be addressed, because of our actions.

Fruits of the earth

It may not be money that grows on trees, but in parts of Sheffield, it is as good as, with an over-abundance of fruit hanging from the branches. But there is an interesting project that many won’t have heard of, The Abundance Project, whose volunteers go around plucking the ripe fruit from the trees and redistributing it to the homeless and those in need. It is testament to the resourcefulness of the people of this city who make the most of what we have. During a time when there are growing queues of people at food banks because people cannot afford to feed themselves, this is a fantastic project that goes out of its way to help others.

Our respect

Hundreds turned out to pay their respects on Armed Forces Day, in an acknowledgement of the bravery of our serivcemen and women. Let us hope that their dedication is never taken for granted and always honoured.