‘Shambolic’ scheme costing Sheffield traders £1,000 a week

Nick Clegg and Coun Roger Davison on Ringinglow Road, Bents Green
Nick Clegg and Coun Roger Davison on Ringinglow Road, Bents Green
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Traders claim they are losing up to £1,000 a week because of a ‘shambolic’ scheme in a Sheffield shopping area.

Two bus stops located on opposite sides of Ringinglow Road have been extended into the road - so buses block the highway to drivers behind them when they are waiting.

Business owners say the problem is compounded as bus drivers have historically used the stop as a terminus, waiting for up to 10 minutes.

Restrictions added to nearby Trap Lane as part of the scheme to improve loading and parking, crossing facilities and upgrade the bus stops, also mean people cannot park there in mornings.

Butcher Ian Cannister said: “I am losing £1,000 a week in lost trade. People can’t get to us or park nearby.

“My car was damaged by somebody reversing because they couldn’t get past a bus.”

Pharmacist Stephen Howard said the situation was ‘dangerous’ because drivers leaving Trap Lane cannot see past buses.

He added: “The whole thing is a shambles. We have lost 10 per cent of counter trade.”

Transport chiefs are now removing the ‘build out’ at one bus stop and relocating it back to the kerb. Work started last week and is to finish by the end of July.

Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg, who visited traders to listen to their concerns, has contacted South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

He said: “I can understand why people are so frustrated with this waste of money and disruption.

“While changes to make the area more accessible would be welcome, clearly these works have been a failure and there is no excuse for the time it is taking.”

The executive said it carried out consultation on the scheme.

David Young, deputy interim director general, said: “The new layout did not operate as planned due to bus timetabling issues, and further modifications have been made to resolve potential traffic problems. Revised timetables come into force on the route on July 21.”