Sez Les: What a way to get rid!

David Moyes behind Roberto Martinez
David Moyes behind Roberto Martinez
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AT some stage in the future, one of our six local football clubs is likely to sack their manager. Let’s hope they make a better job of it than Manchester United did this week.

If you happen to regard them as the biggest club in the world, they certainly didn’t handle the departure of David Moyes in a manner befitting a club of such standing.

It appears that Moyes actually heard from sources in the media that his bike was parked outside and he’d be getting on it very soon. When, the next day, he got the call to meet the chief executive, he knew what was coming. And he didn’t need to have seen the headlines of doom that greeted him on Tuesday morning.

I may be mistaken on this but I can’t recall the League Managers’ Association issuing a statement of rebuke like the one they did towards the Manchester United Board this week. That was certainly embarrassing for those making the decisions at Old Trafford.

Moyes deserved a bit more dignity and respect from the decision makers than what was shown in the way it was done. The whispers were growing but the obvious leaking or briefing on Monday was totally unbecoming of such a club.

So ended what seems to have been an utterly miserable ten months for Moyes who, as time went on, looked less and less of a fit for a job he seemed nicely groomed for. And it seemed to age him in no time.

What made it worse too has been the success of his successor at Everton, Roberto Martinez. He transforms Everton into a team playing an attractive and winning brand of football, thus bettering the Moyes way. Meanwhile, Moyes ends up making a mess of the Manchester United job and they rarely looked like the side his mate Fergie left behind. What’s more they kept on losing at home.

Moyes will no doubt surface elsewhere fairly quickly once the season has finished. He’ll probably look as if he’s enjoying it more.

Incidentally, it meant two managerial departures from Old Trafford in the same week and that can;t have happened before!

Across the road, at the cricketing Old Trafford, the Lancashire coach Peter Moores was also departing on Tuesday to become coach to the England cricket team.