Sez Les: Owls fans are thinking the unthinkable

Neil Warnock celebrates a Blades win at Hillsborough
Neil Warnock celebrates a Blades win at Hillsborough
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So, who has had the most publicity on the South Yorkshire sporting scene this week?

Yeh, you’ve guessed, so no need for me to say except that he could be the next manager of Sheffield Wednesday. And who’d have thought it, eh?

Suit him perfectly I imagine. Just turned 65, a nice, short-term job to get the wheels in motion again and see him through to the end of the season.

If they get relegated, well, head off back to the ranch in Cornwall. Plenty will recall his line about liking to manage Wednesday one day... so he could get them relegated.

Yeh, I know, it was tongue-in-cheek! Having a laugh at the expense of the other half.

Anyway, I reckon he’d love to go in and keep them up. Wouldn’t he then be a hero in S6? Oh,and wouldn’t there be a clamour for him to stay on if he did? And how could he resist?

Ok, he’s split the Owls support and Unitedites are horrified at the thought he might keep Wednesday up - and I bet he’ll have a little chuckle at all that.

Anyway, much to people’s surprise, he’s got plenty of support too. I’ve even heard Wednesdayites saying that he’s said nice things about them in the past. Ahhh.

Outside the Premier League, he has been one of the best managers of the past 25 years. Don’t take my word for it, look at his record.

There were question marks about his future in football when he left Leeds where, despite what his defenders say, it wasn’t great; cracks were showing. But he was always likely to keep an eye out for an opprtunity. This is it.

So Warnock to save Wednesday? Owls fans, barely knowing whether to laugh or cry, won’t care as long as they stay up. Now if they didn’t...

n Veteran football commentator John Helm is in Brazil this week for today’s World Cup draw. He works for FIFA and helps train football commentators around the world which takes him all over the place and some pretty obscure ones - with some lovely anecdotes to tell.

He popped into the New York Stadium for last Saturday’s game having just got back from an assignment passing on his skills in Namibia. This included commentating on two players whose christian names were... Willie and Penis.