Sez Les: Our clubs play the big numbers game

Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee
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Only days after the final ball has been kicked by our local clubs (except for a notable exception in League One) the managers and staff will already be well into the recruitment process for next season.

They have sorted out who they want to keep and who they want to get rid of and will be nicely into their planning whilst pondering their signings and the size of squad.

Yes, size of squad. How big do you think the squad at your club needs to be? On the small side, low 20s perhaps, or go for a bit of quantity and have a few extra bodies around?

Might, however, this question be asked. How many players, throughout this season, made it onto the various 18 man teamsheets (or should that be squadsheets?) at your club?

You may be surprised - and if you were handing out any sort of prize for the most then there’d be a triple dead-heat.

Sheffield Wednesday, up in The Championship, had 44 players inked on their teamsheet at various times this season.

Not to be outdone, Sheffield United also called up 44 players although, as across the city, the odd one only got as far as the bench and didn’t kick a ball.

And then there’s Barnsley where 44 names also found their way onto the teamsheet.

Next came Doncaster Rovers with 37 and then Rotherham United with 34. The least was Chesterfield (and many congratulations to Paul Cook and his boys for that League Two title) who named 31.

So, that’s 230 players used in all. As far as I can tell, only two actually appeared in every game - Chesterfield goalkeeper Tommy Lee (who played every minute) and Rotherham’s Kieran Agard who started or appeared in every game.

So, how many players will be at your club next season?

*There may just be a few nervous England cricket watchers today. But surely they can’t lose this one can they?

Seeing as they’ve lost to Ireland and recently got stuffed by Holland, no one should take anything for granted. It’s Scotland up in Aberdeen which really should be a breeze except... Somehow lose it and that would be rock bottom for embarrassment.