Sez Les: Exciting times for Blades followers

Blades fan happy with the new Saudi investment
Blades fan happy with the new Saudi investment
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The irony over Sheffield United’s official announcement of Prince Abdullah’s investment in the club this week was that it came a day after the transfer window closed.

Just think if they’d been able to close the deal some time in June or July?

Still, they have been able to shell out a bit for Messrs Baxter and Cuvelier in the past couple of weeks so, perhaps those deals were not entirely unconnected with the arrival of the new money from Saudi Arabia.

It certainly suggests exciting times could lie ahead and pretty quickly (one season or two?) although, in typically understated fashion, Blades fans have seemed just a touch reticent to start doing the conga down the street. Not just yet anyway.

When fabulously wealthy people start chucking money at things, they expect results - and pretty quickly too. But to make the Premier League in three years, which was the bold, stated aim coming from the Lane hierarchy this week, they will need to throw plenty at it. And it will require some pretty skilful management not only in the acquisition of those players but also their integration within the club structure.

The Prince will make his first public appearance in Sheffield tomorrow morning. Later on, he’ll be heading to New York (no, not that one your Highness) and he should be grateful the Millers aren’t still at Don Valley! I trust he’ll enjoy his experience tomorrow afternoon. The atmosphere won’t disappoint.

No doubt he’ll find a few in the Blades end have raided the kitchen drawer for a tea towel to attach to the head, a la the school nativity all those years ago.

So, for those who may just have been wondering lately “have Sheffield United bottomed out yet?”, the answer looks to be yes, if the future financing comes off.

Incidentally, the Prince paid a nominal £1 for his 50 per cent co-ownership with the McCabe. I just wonder how a wealthy Saudi Arabian Prince pays such an amount? Is it transferred into an account or does he offer a £1 coin (or two 50p pieces) when he next meets Kevin McCabe? Just an idle thought?

And on idle thoughts. I can understand Wayne Rooney’s gashed head keeping him out of England duty, but why not borrow the headgear worn by Owls’ defender Miguel Llera?