Sez Les: Ex-Owls legend gets his own beer

Part of the Mel Sterland beer pump clip
Part of the Mel Sterland beer pump clip
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When you’re a legend, then you get lauded in lots of ways. They might even name a beer after you.

Mel Sterland is getting a beer named after him!

As everybody knows, Mel is a Sheffield legend. Most certainly a Wednesday legend.

Don’t reckon he’s quite a Glasgow Rangers legend (not there long enough). Maybe he’s a Leeds United one although there’s a few around here who would hope not!

But he is - I’m reliably informed - a Denaby United legend because he did play for them when his league days came to an end and they won their league. And this is where the beer-naming comes in.

The original club, giants for years on the local scene, folded in 2002 but a new club of the same name was formed a couple of years ago and the ultimate aim is to get back to where the original club were - and after two years of success, they’re not far off.

To help them, they need improvements to their ground (they’re based in Conisbrough now) and will be having a fund-raising 5-a-side community day there on July 13.

So, Mexborough-based Imperial Brewery agreed to brew a special beer for the event and when they wanted an appropriate name for it, Denaby secretary Steve Pugh contacted Mel asking if they could name it after him.

So, that’s why Zico (ask any Wednesday fan for the explanation) IPA will be on the pumps at the event. The strength is 4.6 per cent although, considering how Mel played and would blast his free-kicks and penalties, they could have doubled that!

Mel, who played for Denaby when they won the Northern Counties League in 1997, is ‘chuffed to bits’ that he’s being ‘honoured’ in this way.

No doubt he’ll be happy too if they get him a free pint or two to try if he agrees to pop along and present the prizes on the day of the event.