Sexy? What a big, fat lie

Lizzie from Leeds
Lizzie from Leeds
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SUN’S out and last year’s summer gear won’t fit?

Don’t beat yourself up about that spare tyre.

It could make you your fortune. Huge women flaunting roll upon roll of flesh and deliberately eating themselves bigger are becoming an underground internet hit.

Channel 4’s freak show documentary Big Fat Fetish slid into the waddling, wobbling world of America’s heavyweight women and the men who fantasise about feeding them up, then being sat on by them.

Chubby-chasers, we used to call such men, a term just as euphemistic as the four “stars” labelling themselves BBWs - Big Beautiful Women. For big, read morbidly obese.

Each, including new arrival Lizzie from Leeds, was raking it in from modelling and posing on live web cam links for fat fetish magazines and internet sites. They were gainers, women who deliberately put on weight and are paid by men to do it.

All of them said they were happy - until bed-bound 44-stone Goddess Patty - Fatty Patty, more like - cried regrets and admitted it was no life, having her son as 24-7 carer, even if weird men did pay her $600 to squish them.

The most bizarre bit? They said it was for sexual kicks. Not just for the pervs with a problem, but theirs too. Kitt, 21 and 20 stone, said it turned her and her skinny boyfriend on when he fed her to bursting.

Sexual lifestyle my lardy-ass. It was a big, sad story of women destroying themselves through gluttony and force-feeding themselves a lie.