Sex proposal led to violent attack

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A BIZARRE ‘sex for drugs’ proposal led to a Doncaster man having his jaw smashed by a woman’s boyfriend, a court heard.

Mark George Milner lost his temper when it was suggested he could clear some of his outstanding drug debt by allowing Carl Epton to sleep with his girlfriend.

Doncaster Crown Court was told Milner, aged 27, landed three or four punches to Mr Epton’s face before other people dragged him off.

When 35-year-old Mr Epton went to hospital an X-ray showed his lower jaw had been broken in two places and he needed surgery to insert screws and plates.

But the operation was not a complete success and he needed more surgery to correct a facial deformity. He also has difficulty sleeping properly, said Christopher Tonge, prosecuting.

When Milner, of Clayfield Avenue, Mexborough, was arrested he told officers he had gone to Mr Epton’s house to buy some drugs and it was pointed out he already owed £100.

He gave Mr Epton £10 which he said he would “knock off” the debt - or he could sleep with Milner’s girlfriend.

The defendant pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent at the address in Cromwell Road, Mexborough, in February last year.

Mr Tonge confirmed to the court that Mr Epton has previously been involved in drugs, including producing and cultivating cannabis, and has been cautioned for possession.

Defence counsel Tim Savage told the court: “There was more to this than meets the eye.

“Mark Milner maintains he had been introduced to drugs by Carl Epton and his family. He owed £100 to the complainant for drugs and the complainant took his £10 and said, ‘You can wipe out all of the debt if I can sleep with your lass’.

“She is the defendant’s pride and joy and he wasn’t having that, and it infuriated him and he punched him,” said Mr Savage.

He added there was no premeditation and there had been a good deal of provocation.

His girlfriend is now pregnant with their child, due in July. Mr Savage said Milner had given up drinking and was seeking help for his drug abuse.

Jailing him for 21 months, Judge Jacqueline Davies told Milner: “You said you were provoked by the complainant’s suggestion about making available to him your girlfriend but this is a case where I can do nothing other than impose an immediate sentence of custody.”

Milner has previously been jailed for violent offences.