Sex offender caught in toilet with stolen booze

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An alcoholic sex offender who failed to tell police he had moved out of a homeless hostel in Rotherham was caught with stolen whisky and beer in a supermarket toilet 130 miles away.

John Clarke, aged 50, was supposed to tell officers where he was living after he was caught exposing himself on a street and later convicted of touching a woman’s thigh on a train.

But Clarke left the Lighthouse Project in Westgate, Rotherham, on January 2 and headed to London. He failed to register an address at a police station and four days later was found in a Tesco toilet in Hertfordshire.

Clarke, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to theft and failing to notify a change of address. He was sentenced at St Albans Crown Court to 10 months in prison.

Defence barrister Adil Syed said Clarke had a ‘serious alcoholic addiction’. “He makes no excuses. He is fed up with the situation he is in.”

Mr Syed said had spoken to addiction workers at Bedford jail and there was a place for Clarke at a project in Sheffield on his release.