Sewage works is a foul problem for residents

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Smells from a South Yorkshire sewage works are causing concern among residents and council officials.

Rotherham Council said it is ‘working to try and resolve the issue’ affecting north-western parts of the town.

The authority has contacted Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency after receiving numerous reports of foul odours coming from the Blackburn Meadows sewage works.

The site is operated by Yorkshire Water, and has a number of processes which are controlled and enforced by the Environment Agency.

A council spokeswoman said: “Unfortunately, the prevailing winds tend to drive any odour toward Rotherham residents. Our community protection unit has been pushing Yorkshire Water to solve the problem.

“Although the site is currently being redeveloped by Yorkshire Water, council officers have found the existing plant has suffered a number of serious breakdowns this year.”

Measures were taken to reduce odours, but residents still experienced periods of strong smells.

Repairs were completed in early July resolving the odour.

However,the council said more complaints have since been made due to a fault with the site incinerator, which is used to burn some of the sludge produced during the treatment process.

The problem has meant an increased volumes of sludge being retained on site for composting and use as agricultural fertiliser, causing more complaints.

The Environment Agency said it is ‘currently working with Yorkshire Water to provide a permanent solution to the odour concerns’.

Interim measures have been taken to deodorise the sludge.

Blackburn Meadows is currently undergoing a 
£49 million revamp.

Yorkshire Water said it investing about £78 million in new treatment processes at the site over the next three years.

The works treats waste water from 800,000 households across Sheffield and Rotherham.