Seven-year-old Sheffield boy stars in film showing what children receiving treatment for cancer really want for Christmas

Benji Robinson pictured on the filmset with mum Louise.Benji Robinson pictured on the filmset with mum Louise.
Benji Robinson pictured on the filmset with mum Louise.
A seven-year-old boy from High Green has starred in a Christmas film launched by Morrisons and its charity partner CLIC Sargent to raise awareness of how children with cancer are sometimes separated from their families during the festive period.

Benji Robinson's family were initially told he was suffering from growing pains before he was diagnosed with leukaemia shortly after his third birthday.

Chemotherapy left him extremely ill and at one point he was unable to walk, but after two and a half years his treatment ended in October 2017. 

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Mum Louise said they were delighted to take part in the film to promote CLIC Sargent and make other parents in their situation aware of the support it offers. 

'Just two days after Benji was diagnosed I got a visit from CLIC Sargent social worker Liz,' she said.

'I was in work at the time and my boss said I would have to have unpaid leave. Liz stepped in and helped me get sick pay, and I was signed off work for six months. I would have been looking after Benji and I would have been completely skint.  

'Liz also helped us applying for a blue badge and with disability living allowance. We would never have known anything about that if it wasn't for her.  

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'We also got a £170 CLIC Sargent grant. That helped for things like hospital food. All of a sudden I found myself paying for things I wouldn't normally pay for '“ parking, petrol, food. That grant made it that much easier to cope with these costs.'

In the video, eleven children aged between two and 12 share what they love about Christmas day, including presents, turkey dinner and spending time with their loved ones.

CLIC Sargent, the UK's leading charity for young cancer patients and their families, aims to help them by providing Homes from Home, which offer free accommodation close to the hospital. 

To support the work of CLIC Sargent and donate visit 

For more information on Morrisons' charity partnership with CLIC Sargent visit

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