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So, for now, the beautiful, healthy, and mature lime trees on Rustlings road are still standing and Amey have not as yet needed to use their set squares to ensure precise and straight kerb edges.

Local residents, their local councillors and MP Nick Clegg have called for the following three things:

That a moratorium of at least two months is called on the felling of mature trees anywhere in Sheffield, so there can be a proper discussion about the future of our trees.

That a review of the citywide policy on the future of our trees takes place – under the leadership of an independent tree specialist.

That there is publication of the existing guidelines, and a full un-redacted copy of the contract the council has with Amey, is made available for scrutiny.

So far, we have a “pause”, but since the well-attended public meeting at the Town Hall on June 10, and Coun Terry Fox’s meeting with his officers on June 12, the silence has been deafening.

Make no mistake, this is not only about a few much loved trees on Rustlings road. This is about all the mature trees on all of the many suburban Victorian roads in Sheffield.

Amey are coming for them so they can deliver perfectly aligned kerb edges – and it would seem that Sheffield City Council are abdicating their responsibilities on this.

A Rustlings road resident

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