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THE headline figure to changes to the city’s children’s centres is that 50 people will lose their jobs in an overhaul of the service that will save £3.5million.

The decision follows a comprehensive review of the 36 centres that provide a range of services for 9,000 children under the age of five.

But the fact of the matter is that the service is failing to reach enough vulnerable people.

Instead, too much money is being wasted and spent inefficiently.

The review will mean there will be less spent on management costs, under-utilised buildings and administration.

The promise is that parents will not see any deterioration in services and that as a result more vulnerable people will be reached or can access the services.

Too many times councils announce an overhaul of a system and the focus is on how many people will lose their jobs or what services will be cut.

Sadly, this time too, 50 people will be told they no longer have a job.

But this overhaul to a service that hitherto appeared untouchable is sorely needed to deliver a better and more efficient quality of care to those who need it most - the children.

Name and shame these park yobs

AFTER months of hard work, volunteers and council workers had given Frecheville Pond a smart new look.

But in a few seconds, mindless yobs had wrecked this.

They went on a wrecking spree, leaving litter bins uprooted and a recycling bin pushed into the water at Frecheville Pond.

No wonder the Friends of Frecheville Park and Pond group are deeply saddened, so are we.

But let us not dwell on these despicable acts, instead let’s focus our attention on catching the idiots responsible.

Anyone with information about who did this must report it to the police and do that now.

And if anyone sees people causing any damage they must report it.

We cannot tolerate this sort of behaviour and must take a stand to prevent a repeat.

Well done to NHS

EVERYONE admitted to hospital wants to know they are in good hands - and figures published in a new report reveal that in the region generally, they are...

All of our hospitals emerge from the Dr Foster Good Hospitals Guide 2012 in good shape.

Our NHS staff deserve a pat on the back.