Serving the community, the young and old too

Oh dear! Oh dear! So DA of S5 thinks the new Village Hall in Wincobank is a joke, (Friday's Star).

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 6:16 am
Updated Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 6:21 am
Community hall

I would advise him or her not to go down to Wincobank and repeat that, they would receive a very short sharp reply.

The residents of Wincobank have been fighting for and dreaming of, their own Community Centre for more than 30 years.

DA should realise that Wincobank has lost many facilities over the years.

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Firstly the Bardwell Club, a temporary building on the Wincobank School site used by many elderly people, but unfortunately it was needed full time by the school.

Then the old Washhouse Community building had to be closed and demolished due to its condition and then on top of this the Wincobank Working Men’s club used by many community groups was also closed and demolished.

There are not three churches in Wincobank, just the one, St Thomas’s, which has been very supportive of the new Village Hall since its inception.

If DA is suggesting that St Margaret’s on Jenkin Road or the Upper Wincobank Chapel on the Flower estate are suitable then DA knows nothing about Wincobank, nor has ever tried to climb up Jenkin Road or Newman Road, hills that even the Tour de France cyclists struggled to cimb.

The price of £377,000 for a community Centre may appear high, but a large part of that was for the removal of asbestos and the replacement of external drainage and services, damaged by the demolition contractors when all the old attached sheltered housing scheme was demolished.

Regarding the residents of the old buildings, all were satisfactorily rehoused with the vast majority moving up the hill to the new Roman Ridge Extra Care home a vast improvement on the old sheltered housing.

No DA, the people of Wincobank have worked hard for this and have been very patient.

As they showed at the official opening last Thursday, performed by David Blunkett, they are delighted that at last, they have their own community centre and they can’t wait for it to serve the whole community, young and old.

Coun Peter Price

Shiregreen/Brightside ward