Serving city for 125 years

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READ all about it – The Star is 125 years young today.

This paper is proud of the role it plays in our great city and we are honoured to have a train named after us.

Newspapers have changed dramatically over the years, but one thing remains constant – our desire to serve our readers.

We have been at all the major events, reporting on tragedy, triumph and significiant moments in the city’s history.

From reporting on the Blitz during World War Two, the massive coal mining stories, the closure of the steel works, floods and the horror of Hillsborough.

We have also marked the celebrations of life, such as the promotions of our two rival sports teams, the golden and now Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the arrival of the tram system.

The way we bring you the news has changed from different names of our paper, from broadsheet, to tabloid, from web and now to mobile phone and iphone apps.

We will continue to change, evolve and adapt to ensure we bring our readers the information when they want it for the next 125 years.

She’s the captain of this good Ship

PLENTY has changed in Sheffield over the last half a century.

In 1962 Castle Market had just opened, the city’s steel industry was still thriving and customers wanting to use the toilets at The Ship Inn in Shalesmoor were directed to an outhouse.

But one thing which has remained the same in all those years is how Jeanette Rodgers has been at that very pub.

When her parents took over she was but a six-month-old babe in arms.

Now she and husband Stephen are the managers, and the pub – offering friendly service and real ales – is continuing to thrive.

This week Jeanette celebrates both her 50th birthday and 25 years running The Ship.

In this day and age, it is a remarkable achievement – and one well worth toasting. Cheers.

Winning ticket

SPORT and music is a winning combination, which is why Sheftival promises to be a huge hit.

The two day festival will showcase the city’s sports, facilities and athletes, including a broadcast of our Jess going for gold. There’s also a line-up of top music stars on the Real Radio stage.

So don’t miss out – make a dash today for our £10 family ticket saving and win with The Star,