Seriousness of Spireites' situation has '˜set in'

Robbie Weir says the seriousness of Chesterfield's situation in League Two has sunk in for the playing squad.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 24 February, 2018, 09:36
Chesterfield v Stevenage, Robbie Weir

The captain insists players are fully aware of the possible consequences of relegation from the Football League and they are the only ones who can dig themselves out of trouble.

“As a group we see the position we’re in, it’s not acceptable for us as players or as a football club,” he said.

“If we get relegated we’re playing with our livelihoods, how are we going to pay bills and what is the club going to do?

“Lads are out of contract, lads are going back to parent clubs but are out of contract.

“We’ve got that in our heads now.”

The club’s perilous position as the business end of the season approaches means it’s all hands to the pumps Weir believes players are ready to do what is necessary.

“The injured lads coming back, not quite back yet but want to be back playing.

“Lads are ready to fight for their place.

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“I think it’s finally set in, the situation we’re in.

“The lads know it’s serious now and we’re ready to rock n roll.

“Now it’s time for us to produce.”

Those injured players close to coming back to full fitness include the likes of Drew Talbot, Louis Dodds and Giles Coke.

That’s the kind of experience that could make a real difference to the rest of the season, Weir says.

“We’ve got a good hard run-in, every game we’ll have to play like it’s our last game.

“What a great time for experience to come back in.

“What an opportunity for the lads coming back, to push us up the table.”