Send judges to jail for five years

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Last week I read about a lady who cheated the country out of thousands and got 18 months. This week we hear a man catches a burglar in his home. A judge tells the burglar to not let him see his face again and lets him go free because it is a first offence. How stupid of the judge.

When I tell my story of what happened to me people gasp in horror. At my divorce I was told to pay £35 a week maintenance. I couldn’t pay and was threatened with prison. The judge then ordered my home to be sold and money to be provided for my ex to buy a home of her own and all the house contents given to her.

It didn’t matter that she had £10,000 in her bank account or that she had not worked to pay for my house.

All judges should go to prison for five years to serve their apprenticeship. We’d be a better country for it.

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