Security will be paramount

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THAT Josie Derrick (Jan 26) is no longer a Sheffield Homes board member could well explain why she appears to have had difficulty in understanding my letter.

Changes are afoot over Almos and decisions about remaining or returning to the council must be based on the future not the past.

Some Almos are already morphing into something akin to housing associations, building homes and looking to rely, in part, on private finance with all its insecurities. With new self-financing rules and growing independence many may follow suit. With no properties as assets these loans must surely be secured on rental stream. As Almos progress, it’s a worry that they are becoming a mere stone’s throw from stock transfer should things go wrong!

Neither council nor Almo will be immune to stringent cuts imposed by the Government but for many tenants security will be paramount.

Mary Steele

Allotment charge increases

ARE the increase in allotment charges and the proposal to further hike the charges another example of this council’s policy of consulting with people?

When they do, it is with loaded questions so they can read whatever they like into the replies.

The report to the council gives two examples of other authorities where the standard charge is more expensive. Did the people who compiled the report check where on this league table Sheffield lies in relation to the average cost per sq metre per allotment?

Ddid they check what facilities or assistance those councils provide for allotment tenants?

Have they read reports that many tenants are on the verge of giving up allotments due to the high levels of theft, not only of produce but tools and equipment?

Instead of raising prices, improve facilities and security. Sack these overpaid people who compile these reports.

Michael Cartwright