Secretary of State decides on benefit discount

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I AM appalled at Sheffield Council Leader Julie Dore’s remarks on council tax benefits and possible cuts (Sep 22).

She said: “It will be up to us to decide how to reduce the level of benefits. We could ask households who are receiving 100 per cent council tax benefit to make a contribution, or we could change or remove the single person’s discount.”

How does she intend to remove this discount?

Does she have some special powers that enable her to do so?

According to the Local Government Finance Act of 1992, any change in this 25% discount must be ordered by the Secretary of State. And, according to the Department for Communities and Local Government: “The single person’s discount is provided in legislation and cannot be changed and we have no plans to change it.”

Any changes to this act have to be laid before the House of Commons

Did Coun Dore intend to cause unnecessary worry to a fairly large section of the community?

If it was, then she succeeded. At the same time to many of us her credibility took a dive. Perhaps her special insight could be used to raise council tax for households with more than two occupiers.

Christine Melsom

Pass on costs

once again the Government is passing the cost on to to public. Cameron and his cronies now want Yorkshire Water to take over more drain repairs. That’s fine: it will give houseowners peace of mind, but what about social house tenants? The Government knows it can now sit back and watch others foot the bill and they save on repairs. We’ve already paid for these services through water rates.

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