Second Sheffield venue cancels UKIP youth event featuring far right speaker and anti-Islam leadership candidate

The Bessemer, in the city centre. Google
The Bessemer, in the city centre. Google
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A Sheffield pub has become the second venue in the city to cancel an event which was set to host a far right speaker and an anti-Islam leadership candidate.

The Bessemer, in the city centre, has cancelled today's UKIP's Young Independence event - just days after The Hilton Hotel on Victoria Quays also axed it after pressure from city councillors and opposition activists.

Sheffield councillors Jack Scott and Ben Curran had penned a letters urging hotel bosses to cancel the conference, which the venue did citing 'heightened safety and security risks.'

Protest groups Unite and Fascism and Sheffield Stand Up to Rascism were due to hold a demonstration outside the hotel.

The event was then booked, on a smaller scale but with the same speakers, at The Bessemer, on Leopold Street.

But this morning pub bosses announced that the event had again been cancelled.

A post on The Bessemer's Facebook page said: "There is bad press regarding a booking we took, we have no involvement we were not told who and what it was for.. We have cancelled all bookings for today.

Planned speakers included Austrian far right activist Martin Sellner, leader of the far right Identitarian Movement of Austria, was a key player in the 'Defend Europe' mission this summer. It's alleged they aimed to hinder the work of NGOs attempting to save migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

Another speaker was Anne Marie Waters who is hoping to become UKIP's next leader. She is the founder of right wing pressure group Pegida UK who she set up with former EDL front man Stephen Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson. Pegida UK is described as an 'anti-islamic organisation'. Protest groups Unite and Fascism and Sheffield Stand Up to Rascism were due to hold a demonstration outside the hotel.

The Stand Up to Racism Sheffield group said it had 'politely requested' to The Bessemer that the event be cancelled.

"Sheffield is proud of its multi-cultural identity and we do not want a group of racists and proto-fascists spewing their bile in our city," said a statement released by the group.

Coun Scott said: "It's great for Sheffield that The Bessemer has also canceled this divisive event.

"It is a lively, mixed and welcoming venue and would not benefit from having spouters of hate-speech, who only seek to divide us.

"I hope that these people have finally got the message - your hateful, nasty and divisive rallies aren't welcome in our welcoming, vibrant and amazing city."