Seb brings a touch of Arctic to school

There's a moose loose aboot this hoose - at Parson Cross Primary School.
There's a moose loose aboot this hoose - at Parson Cross Primary School.
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THERE’s a moose loose aboot this hoose!

A model of the Arctic giant – complete with some of the biggest antlers imaginable – is taking pride of place at a Sheffield school.

Pupils from Parson Cross CE Primary welcomed the beast with open arms - and have already named him Sebastian.

The moose head was part of the Christmas decorations at the John Lewis store in the city centre, which had a theme for 2012 of Winterland.

Now the collection has been broken up and donated to a variety of schools, charities and community groups.

Parson Cross plans to use its share of the treasure trove in school displays, in annual school productions, and of course as part of its 2013 festive celebrations.

The antlers will also play a role when pupils study the Arctic as part of their ‘extreme environments’ learning theme in Key Stage 2.

The store’s managing director, James Prince, said: “The decorations looked so fantastic in the shop, I’m glad we can pass them on to a good home.

“We had an array of adornments inspired by Scandinavian and Inuit cultures, which included materials such as pine cones, woods, faux furs and glass as well as metallic and pea lights.

“We receive lots of requests from local groups for the decorations throughout the year, and it’s great that they will go on to be reused once they’ve reached the end of their life in our shop.”

Headteacher Helen Richardson said: “We were so delighted to receive the Christmas decorations.

“The beautiful array we have received will look great in our large school hall.

“The giant moose head is our favourite.

“The variety of beautiful, natural woodland materials we received will really make the children think about Christmas in a different way.”